Law Enforcement …

State Senator Mark Hunt knows the law enforcement community and the dedicated men and women in law enforcement know him.

As a public official, he has earned a reputation for being tough on crime.

Hunt played a pivotal role in passing legislation to keep our neighborhood’s safe. He was a key advocate in the passage of Megan’s Law, a required national registry for sex offenders.

His record confirms that, as State Auditor, he will be a tough watchdog over the people’s money.

Combined with effective legislation, Mark Hunt has always maintained that a safe West Virginian is an armed West Virginian. 

Regardless of political party, Senator Hunt will always speak out for gun safety and gun rights. He is a strong advocate of the Second Amendment, working consistently with Law Enforcement to make our homes safer.

Working families …

Mark Hunt has always been a pro-union candidate and official. 

He the same State Senator who has experienced, first hand, the diligence, dedication, work ethic and determined spirit of West Virginia’s families.

This is why, as State Auditor, he will continue working for the men and women who keep this great state running each and every day.

Taxes …

Senator Hunt has always been in favor of keeping your tax dollars in West Virginians’ pockets.

Who can forget 2009 when he pressed Governor Joe Manchin to introduce legislation that gave a large tax break to parents of children who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Mark Hunt believes that hard-working, loving families know best how to spend their money. One public officials’ goal should be to make life easier – not more difficult.

“Not a hint of scandal’

Under the light of transparency, Senator Hunt has achieved a reputation for honesty and dedication. 

Those who know him best realize his dedication to truth and justice.

It’s your money he’ll be keeping watch over as your State Auditor.

Don’t we need a 30-year public servant “without a hint of scandal” protecting the public trust?

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